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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#54. This is the end, my friend.

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So my first post was about collapsing after my first day of hardcore working out, and how there’s no Band-Aid in existence that can deal with that kind of exhaustion. Exercise is great. I love exercising. I’ve been doing very little of it lately. Yet, even as I sit back and contemplate the last Band-Aid-packed semester, I can see all the changes in my life that have come crashing into view over the last couple months.

I have a girlfriend now.

I’m going to Italy this summer.

I’m in film school.

I saw a horse this one time.

And with all of those achievements, I’m not that upset that what started as WORKOUT SEMESTER!!! GONNA GET IN SHAPE! didn’t really end that way. I mean, I’ve started working out again. Just a little bit though- enough to even out the junk food I eat, but nothing really beyond that. I’m okay with things being like that.  And even though I despised most of my classes, the end results are clearly worth the struggles I had to… struggle… through.

I like the idea, though, of beginning with exercise and ending with exercise. Like a great man once said, this is “sort of like poetry, they rhyme, every stanza kind of rhymes with the last one.”

This isn’t going to be a super long post. I really just wanted to reflect on what I’ve gone through at the finish line of this semester.

Oh, and one last thing.

I never, never, NEVER want to see another Band-Aid as long as I live.



Written by mandudeman

May 4, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Posted in Week 13: Finish

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