Look at the blog, Larry. Just look at that blog.

This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#48. At this point in Blog Crunch 2011, I’m out of cool titles. I… I got nothing.

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Seriously, the cool titles are naught but a faded memory wafting away on the breeze of I-shouldn’t-have-waited-until-the-last-minute-to-do-all-these. But that’s not important. What is important is my thoughts on ‘finish.’

The first thing that popped into my head was, not surprisingly, not thinking about Band-Aids. Big shocker, I know. But what comes after Band-Aids? For me, at least, it’s film school. And right now, considering I’m not actually taking any film school classes yet (BRING ON NEXT SEMESTER! WOO!), what I’ve been doing is reading scripts online. You can totally do that now. There’s some section of IMDB that lets you read scripts. It’s great. I’ll read anything. and I mean that. Anything. Remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street? Check. Megamind? Check. That one movie where Samuel L. Jackson is a psycho cop who terrorizes the couple living next door to him? Oh, you better believe that’s a check. Even though two-thirds of that last script was just Samuel L. Jackson yelling obscene threats while brandishing gardening equipment.

But anyways, that’s what my mind turns to when I think ‘finish.’ And there has to be a way to tie Band-Aids into that somehow. In a sense, it’s like Band-Aids flow into screenplays. When one avenue ends, another opens up. And, as I wrote that last sentence, an idea struck me. Right in the face.

Print out the first pages of a bunch of screenplays. Stick them together with Band-Aids. Somehow… create art. Art from all of this. It’ll totally work.

So, I put ’em up on the wall….

Oh yeah.

That didn’t really do anything for me.

But then I had an idea… what if the scripts were in an arrow… an arrow pointing to my future?

Now we're getting somewhere.

That’s preeeeettty good, but it’s not great. Also, the arrow is, coincidentally, pointing to my bathroom as well.

I probably didn’t need to mention that, actually. But the important thing is, I had a real idea this time. These scripts are helping me climb my way out of Band-Aids and into film school. As I finish with Band-Aids, I’m using a combination of screenplay and Band-Aid to rise to new, never-before-seen heights.

Sounds good, no?

Looks pretty good, too.


Written by mandudeman

May 4, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Posted in Week 13: Finish

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