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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#31. Drawing the proverbial blank

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Alright I got nothin’ for perspective, but I ALSO have this half-hour of time I’ve set aside for blog work, so let’s get me goin’ on some free… think-y… exercise-y stuff. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Basically, I free thinked (free-thunk? free-thank?) on some notebook paper until I had some sort of idea that was both Band-Aid related and something I could draw with my (extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemely) limited artisitic ability. So, without further adieu, here’s the crap I came up with.

1. From a super-up close perspective, the holes on the sterile pad part look like gopher holes. There could totally be some Saturday morning cartoon about gophers, where they’d all be voiced by Nathan Lane and the whole thing would have product placement out the wazoo.

My artistic limitations know no bounds.

2. The giant glass jars in doctors offices that are full of tongue depressors and cotton balls- do those also hold Band-Aids? And, in a world where Band-Aids are sentient, would they not see jars as horrific glass prisons? So, from the perspective of the Band-Aids, it’d be like that Twilight Zone where the strangers in costume are trying to break out of this weird barren circular prison, only to realize THEY’RE ACTUALLY DOLLS IN A SALVATION ARMY BUCKET.

Soooo… like an escape movie. With Band-Aids.


I can draw anything my imagination can come up with. Coincidentally, my imagination can only come up with terrible, terrible pencil drawings.


3. You take a bunch of Band-Aids, arrange them in a perfect rectangle, and then draw a picture on them. Then, when you take apart the Band-Aids, you can put the wrappers back together like a puzzle! Holy crap!

From a kid’s perspective, it’d be like some fantastic party game that would be loved and cherished by all.


This puzzle... is a picture of a moose.

4. Finally, consider someone who is allergic to Band-Aids. Every variety. Every. Single. One. This poor, poor soul would live either:

A. A life lived in constant fear of cuts and scrapes. His skin would be so pock-marked with tiny scratches that never healed right that society would brand him a freak, a monster, a mutant from hell. He’d spend his life in solitude, every waking moment in fear of another little scratch.


B. Without Band-Aids to help him, this man has had to develop his own, Band-Aid like powers to fight scratches and cuts. These powers would grow and develop until he was some kind of super-strength colossus.


In case you can't decipher the horrible-ness of my artistic works, the top arm is the sad one. The bottom one is the glad (and super-strengthed) one.



Written by mandudeman

April 11, 2011 at 1:53 am

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