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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#29. Oh, the journeys a Band-Aid can take.

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So way back when I did the amazing Band-Aid race (Post #24… March 8. For those keeping score at home), I took all the Band-Aids I had raced with and stuck ’em on the back of my computer. I had two reasons for doing so.

1. It’s not gross, the Band-Aids were only on my arm for like 15 seconds each.

2. For all those times I don’t have Band-Aids on my person, it would be totally useful to have a bunch of spare ones stuck to my computer.

Now as it turns out, I never really used those spare computer Band-Aids… but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t useful. Consider this: If a Band-Aid sticks to my computer for a month… would it not be a Band-Aid with experience? Huh? Huh?


So here’s how the back of my computer looks as of the beginning of this blog post:

Ahhhh, the inflated sense of self-worth that comes with Mac ownership.

As you can see, it has Band-Aids on it. Just like I said. But remove a month-old Band-Aid to see how experience has changed it- that’s the real meat and potatoes of what’s going on here. And when I remove said Band-Aid, I get a near-useless piece of cloth and latex and sticky goop.

Apparently, if you leave them on a hard surface (much like the back of a laptop) for a month, they stick really, really, really, well, and lose all of that stickiness in the bizarre struggling dance of I-can’t-get-this-stupid-thing-off-my-computer. And after all that, there’s no real stick left and it flops around like a dying fish.

To illustrate my frustrations, I attempted to take some arty photographs. I even incorporated in a tasteful, professionally done photograph to make it seem more art-like. So, as you look at the following (wildly amateurish) photos, consider just how useless a Band-Aid becomes after a month’s worth of experience.




Written by mandudeman

April 4, 2011 at 7:39 am

Posted in Week 7: Experience

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