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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

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Do you know what would be great? Being able to do these blog posts in a timely manner. One day, sweet readers. One day…

But enough about me- how ’bout some Band-Aids? Yeah, that would really hit the spot right now. And by ‘right now’ I mean ‘while I’m sitting in chemistry class.’ CHEMISTRY IN SOCIETY, to be specific. The class is ok, I guess. Unless some chemistry-related official/teacher somehow gets ahold of this, in which case, chemistry and all of its trappings are so splendidly wonderful I can’t keep myself from skipping to and from the lecture hall each morning.

That should about do it.

So here’s my jolly ol’ no-punctuation thought process here in chem class: Band-Aids heal things plus there’s a hole in the ozone layer someone should slap a Band-Aid on that ozone hole presto change-o no more greenhouse gases or horrible carbon footprint problems.

Now, the problem with that horrendous run-on sentence (besides it being a horrendous run-on sentence… but you already knew that) is that I don’t have anywhere near the photoshop/pencil and paper skills necessary to make ‘Band-Aiding the ozone hole’ happen. Also, the idea itself is pretty cheesy. But I can run with this… somehow. Mmm-hmm.

Environmentally friendly-ness is all the rage nowadays. An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar (obligatory Oscar reference), and NBC has an annual green week, where every show does an enviro-friendly episode for a whole week of enviro-fun. So if being green has become ‘in’ in today’s culture, allow me to pose a question:

How biodegradable ARE Band-Aids, anyway?

That’s a question that’s both cool and culturally relevant. You know, for culture. Yeah. Totally.

So… I googled this important query. The answer is disappointing, peculiar, and also kinda creepy and gross. You wanna know what it is, gentle readers? Do ya? Do ya huh huh do ya huh?

Well, as it turns out, your average Band-Aid ain’t so biodegradable. Upset? I know I was. Until I read that the good ladies and gentlemen of North Carolina State University are developing the biodegradable Band-Aids I didn’t know I needed until 20 minutes ago but now crave with every fiber of my being. But what’s awesome (or gross, depending on where you fall on the gross/awesome scale) is that these biodegradable Band-Aids will apparently biodegrade as you wear them, until the point where they fuse onto you and ‘become part of the healed skin’ (from the North Carolina State University website).

Cue the collective Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ladies and gentlemen. But you know what? That ‘ew’ might just save a few trees. Or something. Maybe there’d be one less landfill full of Band-Aids. Just picture that. A landfill overflowing with gross used Band-Aids. Al Gore watching in solemn silence, a single tear idling down his cheek.

Having your medical supplies fuse to your skin doesn’t sound so gross now, does it?

Well, it still does. But whatever.


Written by mandudeman

February 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm

Posted in Week 4: Culture

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