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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#13. Culture culture culture culture culture. Culture.

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I worked really hard on that title. Can you tell?

So I tried a short post last time and not only was it A: easier on my fingers because I didn’t have to type half a novel into my computer keyboard, but also B: More challenging, because there’s this thing called “editing,” and it’s really super, and who could forget C: Someone left a comment on here saying they liked the lack of rambling. So I’m totally gonna run with this and try to edit my posts down to a more advertising-friendly (i.e.-  short) length. How ’bout the 200-300ish range today? Yeah, that sounds good.

I’m in a constant struggle with this culture thing. My temptation is to just take some generic television or movie-culture related issue (that IS my forte, after all), and then harp on about it while shoehorning in Band-Aids in the cheapest/easiest/most obvious way possible. So I’m fighting that. This is a culture post. But I’m trying real’ hard to stray from my comfort zone.

It struck me in Italian 102 this morning that I have no idea if Band-Aids are as recognizable in other countries as they are here in the US. It also struck me that I could have asked the teacher something innocuous, like ‘Come si dice Band-Aid?” (How do you say ‘Band-Aid,’ for those that haven’t experienced the joys of ITAL 102), and then tried to steer her response into a discussion of Band-Aids in other cultures. But, it also also struck me that I don’t have the social skills in Italian to steer anyone towards anything besides directions to the zoo, or a benign question about someone’s grandfather. So that idea kinda went out the window. Also, what would our discussion be, really? First, she’d probably say that ‘Band-Aid’ in italian is either ‘Band-Aid’ (gasp), or some word for bandage. Then, if I pushed it further, I’m guessing I’d learn that people in Italy either use Band-Aids fairly often, or that Band-Aid is more of an America-only brand. Hypothetical case closed.

For a while, I was thinking about how the skin-color Band-Aids really only come in one color, and that piqued a ‘holy crap! People in other cultures have might not have beige skin!’ thought. There’s a quick fix for that, though- clear Band-Aids. Sort of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of thing. Only the size isn’t the issue. It’s just a poorly-worded metaphor.

So there you have it. It’s me, rambling about Band-Aids in other cultures. With the added benefits of fewer words and more editing.


Written by mandudeman

February 23, 2011 at 8:15 pm

Posted in Week 4: Culture

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