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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

#10. In which I demonstrate my total lack of sports knowledge.

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Well, as you know, I’m in the process of getting over some horrible cold-sickness. It’s pretty rough. Thusly, I’d like you, gentle reader, to take everything I’m saying with a grain of salt.

And here’s where our story begins- at last night’s basketball game. As I desperately crammed my car full of equipment in a fever-drenched haze, I saw something- well, not something, per se, but someone. A basketball player. You know, from the game. I honestly couldn’t tell you if this guy played for VCU or George Mason, because, frankly, I was too tired to notice or care. I could (and I will) tell you, though, that this guy had a whole bunch of bandages and bubble-wrap looking stuff taped to his knees. I don’t know if that’s ice, or gauze, or what, but it got me thinking. It got me thinking about Band-Aids.

So here’s my thought process- what is it that makes this guy push himself until he has to wear a whole bunch of crap all over his knees? Is it the same thing that made me push myself until I was cramming my car full of equipment in a fever-drenched haze? Probably. While anonymous basketball-player-man was pushing himself up and down the court, he was either A: pumped and feeling a huge adrenaline rush from George Mason’s twenty-point lead (if he was playing for Mason), or B: doggedly trying to keep his spirits up and milking every last bit of energy in the face of George Mason’s twenty-point lead (if he wasn’t playing for Mason). And he just kept going and going until he had to walk out of the stadium with his knees wrapped in…. a whole bunch of knee stuff. I wonder if he saw me, and could see that I was about five seconds away from collapsing in a sweaty pile of exhausted me-parts. And when he saw me (if he did- and chances are he didn’t) there was some mutual connection where we were both so into the game that we pushed our bodies farther than they’re supposed to go and now are suffering the consequences. That’s kind of a reach, though, in all honesty.

Plus here’s the thing about me on game day (can I call it ‘game day?’ is that some kind of sports cliché? I’m really the last person who should be writing about this)- I get really, really, really passionate (lemme just say passion a few more times so that I can jam the point home with an iron fist of subtlety- passion passion passion) about basketball when I’m actively watching basketball/playing keyboards in a band that’s in a basketball stadium. During that specific period I’ll be cheering and jumping and chanting along with everyone else until I’m just like you, Mr. Basketball-Knee-Injury man. I’ve scarred my hands playing waaaay too rough on my keyboard (that can happen- I swear. And it’s totally not the pansy-est injury anyone’s ever gotten). I’ve been hit with drumsticks/shoes/a mannequin dressed in green spandex in the heat of the moment. I even saw a guy in the band get a bloody nose last game. And do you know what all of those things require? Band-Aids. Passion. Requires Band-Aids. Blog out.



Written by mandudeman

February 16, 2011 at 5:50 pm

Posted in Week 3: Passion

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