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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

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I’m kinda flying off the cuff here, but how ’bout some more nostalgia?

Yeah. More nostalgia is just what I need right now.

And what’s more nostalgic than a childhood pet? Well, lots of things, but I’m going to ignore all of them in favor of letting Band-Aids and something mildly nostalgic dictate what gets spewed into this blog. Yippee.

Our story begins with me getting a hamster as a gift for some long-forgotten birthday. Maybe eight. Maybe nine. I honestly can’t remember, and the specifics aren’t important here so I’m making no attempt to clarify exactly which birthday this actually occurred on. But yeah, every year I got some really awesome super-fun-time large gift for my birthday. This particular year was a hamster. And an erector set. That was pretty cool. But the hamster was the main event. Now honestly, this first part has NOTHING to do with Band-Aids, so I’ma just skip to where they become involved.

The hamster bit my finger. I put a Band-Aid on it.

Now, normally, that’s nowhere near enough of a story to constitute a blog post, but I’m going to do my damnedest to stretch this as far as I possibly can.

Honestly, I really don’t use Band-Aids that often, but I’m not really sure if a lot of people do. I’m a pretty flinchy guy in general, and the upside to that is I tend to flinch away from a lot of potentially Band-Aid-ening sources of pain. The obvious downsides, I’ll ignore for the sake of my fragile self-esteem. But I remember being super-afraid of any kind of animal bites long before my finger was forever scarred with the tooth-marks of a hamster. And afterwards, my flinchy-ness increased tenfold. Granted, hamsters aren’t exactly the most hands-on of pets, but my pure, abject childhood terror, combined with the image of a hamster yawning and exposing those two giant front teeth that rodents have (there’s a name for that, I’m sure. I’ll look it up later or something) made me just a bit nervous to pet Muffler the hamster (I wasn’t into cars as a kid. I was just weird, really).

Now, looking back on all of this as someone who’s more or less an adult, almost all of my hamster memories are fond ones. And that’s because eventually, and with some time and effort, I was able to overcome my hamster terrors. It wasn’t like there was some magic quick-fix-it that made me less flinchy. There wasn’t even a montage of me petting increasingly realistic stuffed hamsters before moving on to the real thing, all set to “Working For the Weekend” by Loverboy.

And honestly, this wasn’t some huge, all-encompassing, life-changing phobia. I was just kinda afraid of petting the hamster because I got bit once. It wasn’t even that difficult to overcome. I just approached it little by little, and before you know it I was petting hamsters like nobody’s business.

It’s not even that I was super afraid of the bite (and the Band-Aid that followed. BOOM. Band-Aids). It’s the suddenness and the shock of something happening so fast. It’s why I’m still flinchy today. But when I thought of Band-Aids, I thought of my childhood hamster bite, and that led to a whole bunch of snuggly hamster memories. So that’s my nostalgic Band-Aid moment.

“Aradicular Hypsodonts.” That’s a scientific term for rodent front teeth. Looked it up and everything.


Written by mandudeman

February 9, 2011 at 8:41 pm

Posted in Week 2: Nostalgia

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