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This is gonna be about Band-Aids. It's pretty great.

Post number two. It’s still go time, but significantly less so.

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Hoo boy. I have not been keeping up with these as regularly as I assumed I would. Well, as there’s no use crying over long-overdue, procrastinated milk, let’s go into entry #2, shall we?

Entry #2 begins with a vague, oversimplified question:

What do we use Band-Aids for?

Personally, I use Band-Aids for small cuts, scrapes, and the like. Injuries that aren’t really that serious, but might be in a tender area or are painful enough to warrant some kind of treatment- those I consider a good excuse for a Band-Aid. Now at this point, I would cleverly segue into the main idea for this entry, but I’m tired and subtlety does not seem to be my strong suit right now, so I’m just gonna jump right to it.

My mother, sister and I always see every movie nominated for the Best Picture Oscar during that time of year when they announce the nominations (you know… right around now). And this weekend’s movie of choice was The Fighter. I wasn’t expecting all that much, honestly (sports movies aren’t really my bag, so to speak), but the movie goes on and I start to get sucked in, and by then end I had to restrain myself from leaping out of my seat and shouting for blood as the big, end-of-movie boxing match wound down to its last moments. Now, in the movie, when Mark Wahlberg (the titular fighter, for those folks that haven’t seen the film) gets beaten down by the stress of relationships, money troubles, and professional boxers punching him in the face, he ends up wearing quite a few bandages in several scenes. And considering I’ve had Band-Aids plastered all over my brain for the past week and a half, my mind leapt right to “BANDAGES MOVIE BANDAGEBLOG GO GO GO THINK THINK” Sadly, that frame of mind lead to a complete dearth of new and different blog ideas, but it DID leads me to my next point.

Which is this: back when Brandon Viney was guest speaking, he really drove home the idea that we all need our passions on the side. Mine happens to be the whole movies/TV thing. It’s what I like. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when I see something (a TV show, movie, or whatever else) that I can really connect with- as I watch it, I feel a bond growing with what I watch on the screen, like I’m a part of what’s going on, and the message in this particular piece of entertainment has been tailored specifically to me. Once I’ve seen all there is to see, I spend the next couple of days immersed in whatever it was I just watched. It plays in my head when I walk to school. When I eat. When I sleep.

Now, here’s the part where it all connects back to Band-Aids. Remember how I use ‘em for a specific purpose? You know, that first little paragraph up there. Well, it turns out that I use TV and movies for their own purposes. If I cut myself, I can grab a Band-Aid, put it over the cut. Problem solved. If I’m too tired to get up in the morning, I think about The Fighter. I remember leaving the theater a bundle of raw energy and inspiration. And then blammo. Instant wakeup. Problem solved. In each case it’s a different kind of solution for a different kind of obstacle, but by thinking about it enough the two have become synonymous with each other in my mind. And the idea that I have different tools to overcome different varieties of “I’m feeling like crap” is comforting, in its own way.


Written by mandudeman

February 1, 2011 at 6:37 am

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